Can Tho Overview

Situated on the banks of the Hau River, Can Tho is the capital of the Mekong Delta, a region known as the "rice basket of Vietnam", where over 50 percent of the country's rice is produced. Home to over a million people, Can Tho boasts excellent cuisine, fresh fruits, Buddhist pagodas, and floating markets. No visit to Can Tho is complete without experiencing its wonderful and colorful floating markets. They are truly lively, unique and practically contain much of the goods that are exchanged throughout the area. These markets sell traditional Vietnamese goods, which make for a great opportunity for souvenir shopping. In addition, the atmosphere at these markets is unlike any in the world, so just going there to absorb the ambiance is an experience in itself.

Experience it firsthand
Floating Markets
Tra On – A small floating village market anchored near Cu Lao May Island in Vinh Long Province.
Cai Rang – The main wholesale floating market near Can Tho. It is best to go there early and to experience it at its peak hours.
Phong Dien – Is further upstream on the Can Tho River, this retail market is very busy during the morning hours, so land transportation might have to be considered.
Phung Hiep – is perhaps the furthest located market (located in Hau Giang Province) and is always bustling with activity throughout the day.
We advise an early start to make the most of one of Vietnam's most spectacular sights.
Munirangsyaram Khmer Pagoda
Built in the architectural style of the Khmer empires of Cambodia, Munirangsyaram Pagoda possesses ornate, tiered roofs, elaborate carvings finished in gold, and a 5 foot (1.5 meter) tall statue of Siddhartha Gautam, the founder of Buddhism.
Have Lunch with a Local Family
Sit down to lunch with a local family, and learn about the customs and practices - including the unique tradition of mouse hunting. Once used by inhabitants of the area to supplement their diets, the process involves climbing coconut trees to find mice, and using dogs below to catch any that fall.
Riverside Food Market
Dine at the riverside food market, a hot spot for Can Tho residents, and a wonderful place to sample some of the region’s authentic local cuisine. Test your taste buds with exotic specialties like minced snake and roasted sparrow.
Xuan Khanh Quarter
At the center of the city lies Xuan Khanh, an enclave of markets and restaurants originally named for an 18th century general who fought invading armies from Siam. Within Xuan Khanh is the student quarter, frequented by students from nearby Can Tho University; “Hot Pot Alley,” which features a dozen-odd hot pot restaurants, wherein groups of diners cook raw ingredients in a giant, bubbling pot of boiling soup; and Mau Than Street, a long, 18 mile (30 kilometer) street that is home to markets, churches, and pagodas.

Can Tho