Phu Quoc Island Overview

Boasting spectacular mountain scenery, friendly, laid-back locals and arguably the country's best beaches, Phu Quoc is Vietnam's very own tropical paradise. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, 45km from Vietnam and just 15km from Cambodia, the island is home to a growing number of luxury resorts and welcoming an increasing number of visitors, while retaining much of its sleepy rural charm. Capital Duong Dong is home to most of the resorts as well as some superb seafood restaurants, a lively night market and what passes for the island's nightlife; elsewhere you'll find deserted beaches, dirt roads, rainforests, and fishing villages exhibiting a way of life unchanged for centuries. Local specialties include black pepper from the island's many plantations and Phu Quoc fish sauce, claimed by many to be the world's finest. It's a short flight from Ho Chi Minh City or an even shorter one from Can Tho for those who want to combine a few days' relaxing on the beach with a visit to the fascinating Mekong Delta.

Experience it firsthand
Duong Dong Town
The island's capital is a fascinating place to spend a few hours. Photograph the colourful fishing boats in the harbour; dive into the chaotic wet market and shop for local pepper, seafood and fish sauce; visit the night market; and eat at one of the town's many excellent and inexpensive seafood restaurants.
The waters off Phu Quoc are rich in squid and various fish species. Charter a private boat and hop between the small offshore islands, fishing as you go, and cook your catch on the onboard barbecue.
Pepper & Pearls
Phu Quoc is famous both for its black pepper and for the quality of its pearls. Visit one of the island's many scenic pepper plantations and sample peppercorns at all stages of growth, and then visit a local pearl farm to learn more about pearl farming and purchase pearl jewellery.
The Wild Northwest
The northwest of the island offers quiet coves, charming fishing villages, rainforest treks and views of the Cambodian coastline. Tour the area by private car or for real adventure, go by motorbike.

Phu Quoc Island